Singing lessons with David Reedy


       ABOUT  ME

  • Twenty years as a voice teacher and adjudicator

  • Over sixty years as a professional singer and still singing

  • Graduate of New South Wales Conservatorium of Music Opera School

  • Member of the ABC Federal Concerts Department that included giving many personal opera performances in regional centres, schools and colleges throughout Australia

  • Recitalist for the ABC on a number of occasions and soloist for the Australian Arts Council and ACT Leider Society

  • Member of Australian Singing Teachers Association (ANATS)

  •  Opera Director, vocal coach in preparation of Opera/Music Theatre roles



  • My students appear regularly in opera, music theatre, recitals in the ACT and district, and interstate

  • My students’ awards include Trinity College London Guild Medal for highest marks in ACT & NSW

  • Students have won ACT Critics' Awards, National Eisteddfod (including local Canberra Aria) and have received a number of CAT award nominations

  • Former students have gone on to professional careers in opera, music theatre, jazz & popular music



  • Beginners

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Tertiary Entrance

  • Trinity College London Guild Performance Diplomas

  • Professional level



  • Classical

  • Opera

  • Music Theatre

  • Popular Music (Broadway)


     Schedule of fees and my studio conditions are available on request



  • Enquiries from visiting interstate students seeking to learn the bel canto technique: lessons can be arranged from time to time by appointment 

  • Audition preparation

  • Preparation for London Guild Trinity College examinations , university entrance and opera or music theatre auditions

  • Vocal coach-classical, opera & music theatre

  • Ear training & musicianship

  • Remedial vocal problems


     Available for

  • Adjudicator (voice/opera)

  • Workshops Vocal (opera, music theatre & choral groups)    



There is a lot of truth in the old bel canto saying that the student should “Hasten slowly”. Learning to sing is just as difficult as learning to play the violin or cello. In fact, learning the bel canto technique is much harder as you are the instrument. From my experience as a voice teacher it will take a student between 4 and 7 years to perfect his/her vocal technique. That does not mean you will not be able to sing well before this period. The good  news is that once you perfect your vocal technique, you will be able to sing well into your sixties and beyond.



  • He or she that breathes well, sings well

  • Hasten slowly (an old bel-canto saying)

  • Don’t put the cart before the horse; you don’t learn how to sing well by singing songs. You learn by developing your voice with breathing and regular vocal exercises, so that you can sing songs

  • Never sing  a high note in public that you can't do comfortably in the studio

  • When learning to sing you will fail and grow disheartened; but the more you fail the more you will learn. Keep on correcting your mistakes

  • He or she that stands still goes backwards (an old bel-canto saying)

  • Always remember: Oh! The little more, and how much it is! And the little less, and what worlds away (Browning)

  • Learn to sing on your interest and not your capital to ensure vocal longevity.